This week in Karate we have been learning about why exercise is important. We were learning how to do press ups, sit ups and leg raises. We used our karate moves and practised a high block and a low block. We played some team games including running and frog jumping races. This is helping us to learn to work together and support each other. 


In RB we love PE! Here we are in our warm up, working with a partner. We were pretending that we were looking in a mirror and trying to copy what our partner did exactly. Activities like this really help us to learn to be attentive and work together. 

PE in Reception

Here are some pictures of RB taking part in PE on Friday 20th January. We warmed up our bodies ready for exercise, then we did some passing and ball handling games. Finally we rested our bodies before heading back to class to get changed. We are all trying really hard to get changed by ourselves and Mrs Cryer and I could see that lots of children had been practising doing this at home. Well done RB 👏🏻