Look at the beautiful chicks! 

For the last two weeks we have watched some eggs in an incubator until they hatched. Then we transferred then into a brooding box with a light to keep them warm. We had to feed them chick crumb and make sure they had enough water and a clean box every day. Look at the beautiful chicks. The girls are brown and the boys are yellow. We will miss them and hope they enjoy their new life on a farm in Yorkshire. 🐣🐥


We love Science!

Next week will be Science Week in school so this morning we went to a special Mad Science Assembly. We watched lots of different exciting experiments! We were learning all about sounds and how they travel through the air. We watched and listened to different animal sounds being made. Mrs Cryer helped to do a loud elephant sound! 🐘 Then we listened and made the sound of a thunderstorm in our hall ⛈ 👏🏻👏🏻 Then we watched an experiment – it was a chemical reaction between a special clear liquid and a special grey powder. At first we thought nothing had happened but then it set on fire!!! 🔥

Click on the link to see the Mad Science website. 


World Book Day

Here’s a picture of RB dressed up for Workd Book Day. They look fantastic! We really enjoyed our visit from Mrs Hardman (the teacher in Year 5 H) to read to us today. We listened to ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘Peace at Last’. 

Thanks as always to all our wonderful parents and carers for your continued support. 


People who help us.

We started our new topic ‘people who help us’ with a visit from a police officer! It was very exciting. He gave us lots of information about his job, his uniform and the equipment that he uses every day. We know now that although he catches people who are committing crimes a large part of his job involves helping people. We hope that some of our children are inspired to want to be police officers too when they grow up.